Thursday, February 24, 2011


As I read through the previous blogs, I find myself strangely asking where have i been? It's so funny that a little more than a year has passed and i have not blogged. Why? Just because i haven't had the time and to be quite honest, I lost sight of what I was really wanting out of this career. It's all well and good to try and be a make up artist, hair stylist but if you're just wondering aimlessly around and trying to do it without a won't be going anywhere fast.
I'm back now, was lost, wondering aimlessly; my ideas and dreams have found their way home now.I have plans banked up and can't wait to finally put them to practice.
What I love right now is the endless possibilities. Miss Aimmey has now launched and I have worked tirelessly on my website and photos that I can't wait to share

'Shoot for the moon because the worst possible outcome is that you'll end up with the stars'
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