Monday, June 27, 2011


Bridal magazines are one my little vices, I'm not getting married, or even engaged but because I work with so many brides I want to keep up to date with trends. Yes, I like looking at the pretty dresses, amazing venues and mouth watering food but most of all, I just love seeing people so happy. I think a wedding day really celebrates the couple's love and their honest and open commitment to one another. I mean, why else would us girls go to the trouble of organising that one day for 12 months, increase stress levels to the point of hair pulling and worry about what colour ribbon is going around our bouquets? I guess we might also do it because we get to play dress ups and wear the gown of our dreams. Whatever the reason, your wedding day is important. All brides want everything to be perfect. 

A wedding that I recently worked on seemed to be a dream day for the bride, Bec. She was calm, relaxed and so not a bridezilla. I got to work from a hairdressing salon which made my life so easy with an abundance of mirrors and electricity plugs at every turn. The sun was shining and all Bec wanted was to look like herself with a touch of glamor. It turns out she didn't need much help with the most amazing skin and fantastic dress, she really turned heads and apparently that of a bridal magazine too: Real Weddings. The issue will be out in November featuring her wedding. The pictures speak for themselves of why Bec & Robbie were more than deserving of being featured in a glossy mag. Thank you for having me be part of your special day...

On another note, I felt a little lost and was just feeling a little uncertain, but friends are amazing. They're the family you get to choose, the people you turn to when you need a hug, shoulder to cry on, make you laugh till your tummy hurts, tell you that the dress really does make your bum look big  or just someone to share a cupcake with.I stumbled over a picture while look for inspiration and it sums up perfectly how i felt about the weekend and all my questions and uncertainty seemed to melt away as the sun came beaming down on my face. Hope your weekend was filled with friends, laughs and a touch of hope...

Sunday, March 6, 2011


No sleep, early start, styled dresses, accessories to match, make up to suit, hot rollers & hairspray, an inspiration board, running sheet, yup! definitely sounds like a photo shoot. It was a cold Sunday but luckily enough the shoot was indoors at a friends home. Three hours of make up and hair later, the posing began. I found inspiration by trawling through bridal magazines, the colour white and all the beautiful brides I'd already worked with. I jumped at the chance of working with an amazing photographer who does it as a hobby. The belief that he would take as natural posing photos as possible was brought to life when the girls ate cupcakes, threw petals, laughed in front of a turquoise shed and sat on the floor. I couldn't have asked for a better set of photos and the experience of working in all aspects of hair, make up and styling makes me eager to work on so many more shoots. Thank you to everyone involved because without you, I would be photo-less and all too dull.

On another note, I just wanted to mention where these delicious cupcakes were made with love and passion. I can't tell you how much I adore Sheryl, a dear friend who started her own little boutique cupcake store after losing her job. Cupcake central was born and it's growing up fast, please check her out here...Dreams come in so many different forms, shapes and pathways so not only is she an inspiration to me but there are so many others hoping to find such courage. Admiration and joy is what I see when i bite into her cupcake. Yum. 


Thursday, February 24, 2011


As I read through the previous blogs, I find myself strangely asking where have i been? It's so funny that a little more than a year has passed and i have not blogged. Why? Just because i haven't had the time and to be quite honest, I lost sight of what I was really wanting out of this career. It's all well and good to try and be a make up artist, hair stylist but if you're just wondering aimlessly around and trying to do it without a won't be going anywhere fast.
I'm back now, was lost, wondering aimlessly; my ideas and dreams have found their way home now.I have plans banked up and can't wait to finally put them to practice.
What I love right now is the endless possibilities. Miss Aimmey has now launched and I have worked tirelessly on my website and photos that I can't wait to share

'Shoot for the moon because the worst possible outcome is that you'll end up with the stars'
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Sunday, October 25, 2009


Even barbie can't escape...

Pimples, discolouration, undereye circles just don't seem to go with any outfit. It makes you feel self conscious and want to wear a paper bag over your face. And it only seems to happen when an important event is on. The hero? Make up. It can fix literally anything! Before you go putting on too many layers of foundation and hoping that it will cover that ugly zit or your dark circles, use some colour correction techniques first. Putting on too much foundation will sometimes make the imperfection more apparent and I think au naturale is always the better option. Once you’ve prepped and primed the skin, you want to look at what you want to correct. If it is a red spot or a large red area, you will use green because these colours are complimentary to one another and anything green will immediately cancel out the red. If you have purple under eye circles, you will grab the yellow coloured concealer. You can buy a great colour wheel corrector from Ben Nye or I love the one at Kryolan because they have big variations of yellow – orange (orange will make blue bruises disappear).

It is important to apply the product with the correct brush. If the pimple is only a tiny dot then you want to use a fine point brush. If you use a big one then it’s going to go onto the skin area that isn’t red and will only make your skin green. You do NOT want green/orange/yellow skin. Also sometimes the corrector may seem too cakey to apply under the eye area alone, as your eye area is where the thinnest skin is, mix it in with a little foundation or even moisturiser to help it become a creamier texture and it will also help the product from creasing under your eyes. Once you’ve done this pop the foundation on and it will seem like the pimple was never there or that you’ve slept for a good 10 hours even if you’ve only been sleeping for 1! A major tip though…do NOT apply any of the corrector after you’ve applied foundation because it will sit there on top of the foundation and won’t be correcting anything except adding another layer to your skin.

Have fun playing around with colours and use the colour wheel to help you out when you have any sort of blemish you need to cover. It is like a miracle worker. 


Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I think every woman wants beautiful, flawless skin. Our skin endures harsh environments such as the sun, wind and late nights out.  Luckily, make up has evolved over the many years and a light swipe of foundation can make everything appear smooth, even and flawless again. Think of it like this, you need a perfect foundation to be your base with everything that you do whether it be building a house or even starting a relationship. If you have a strong and great base, everything that is built on top will be like a cherry on top. Especially true when it comes to make up. You want to hear comments like ‘you have such beautiful skin’ as opposed to ‘your make up looks great’.
Match you foundation to the colour of the skin on their chest of the jawline, neck or even cheek. I love this technique because I believe that you should look uniform to your body as opposed to having your face lighter or darker than your body as it looks much more natural. Your skin on the face will generally be lighter than your body so this gives you the opportunity to look warmer. If it is the other way around, find a happy medium and just bronze your chest area.
There have been many debates about whether concealer should be applied first or after foundation, i like it first. Concealer is highly pigmented and will cover up any discolouration, foundation is there to just even out the skin tone. Apply only in the areas that you need your concealer and that way, you're using less foundation. I always use a foundation brush to apply the foundation so that there isn't any wastage and an even amount will go on. Try and stipple your brush as opposed to stroking it as this will leave brush marks
My favorite foundations are MAC Studio Fix, Gorgeous Cosmetics: Base Perfect, Giorgio Armani: Luminious Silk & my fave cheapy one is Maybelline Dream Smooth mousse.
Having beautiful skin, will help you face the world, but inner beauty is all you. 

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Monday, October 12, 2009


I believe that everything happens for a reason and that things will happen when they're meant to. Relationships, family, friendships, laughter, tears, food, sunshine, rain, love: all the best things in life. Meeting someone for the first time, you always want to make the right impression so here I am introducing myself to you. Aimmey, I have a crooked smile, laugh loudly and always wear false lashes. I write because sharing is caring. Entries that I will fill with my passions; make up, hair, hopes, colour, style and life. I hope to grow up one day but while I'm working on that, I'll enjoy my time playing with make up and curling hair. Pursuing your dream is probably the hardest thing to do but if you believe in yourself you’re already half way there. Never, Never, Never give up.