Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I think every woman wants beautiful, flawless skin. Our skin endures harsh environments such as the sun, wind and late nights out.  Luckily, make up has evolved over the many years and a light swipe of foundation can make everything appear smooth, even and flawless again. Think of it like this, you need a perfect foundation to be your base with everything that you do whether it be building a house or even starting a relationship. If you have a strong and great base, everything that is built on top will be like a cherry on top. Especially true when it comes to make up. You want to hear comments like ‘you have such beautiful skin’ as opposed to ‘your make up looks great’.
Match you foundation to the colour of the skin on their chest of the jawline, neck or even cheek. I love this technique because I believe that you should look uniform to your body as opposed to having your face lighter or darker than your body as it looks much more natural. Your skin on the face will generally be lighter than your body so this gives you the opportunity to look warmer. If it is the other way around, find a happy medium and just bronze your chest area.
There have been many debates about whether concealer should be applied first or after foundation, i like it first. Concealer is highly pigmented and will cover up any discolouration, foundation is there to just even out the skin tone. Apply only in the areas that you need your concealer and that way, you're using less foundation. I always use a foundation brush to apply the foundation so that there isn't any wastage and an even amount will go on. Try and stipple your brush as opposed to stroking it as this will leave brush marks
My favorite foundations are MAC Studio Fix, Gorgeous Cosmetics: Base Perfect, Giorgio Armani: Luminious Silk & my fave cheapy one is Maybelline Dream Smooth mousse.
Having beautiful skin, will help you face the world, but inner beauty is all you. 

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