Sunday, October 25, 2009


Even barbie can't escape...

Pimples, discolouration, undereye circles just don't seem to go with any outfit. It makes you feel self conscious and want to wear a paper bag over your face. And it only seems to happen when an important event is on. The hero? Make up. It can fix literally anything! Before you go putting on too many layers of foundation and hoping that it will cover that ugly zit or your dark circles, use some colour correction techniques first. Putting on too much foundation will sometimes make the imperfection more apparent and I think au naturale is always the better option. Once you’ve prepped and primed the skin, you want to look at what you want to correct. If it is a red spot or a large red area, you will use green because these colours are complimentary to one another and anything green will immediately cancel out the red. If you have purple under eye circles, you will grab the yellow coloured concealer. You can buy a great colour wheel corrector from Ben Nye or I love the one at Kryolan because they have big variations of yellow – orange (orange will make blue bruises disappear).

It is important to apply the product with the correct brush. If the pimple is only a tiny dot then you want to use a fine point brush. If you use a big one then it’s going to go onto the skin area that isn’t red and will only make your skin green. You do NOT want green/orange/yellow skin. Also sometimes the corrector may seem too cakey to apply under the eye area alone, as your eye area is where the thinnest skin is, mix it in with a little foundation or even moisturiser to help it become a creamier texture and it will also help the product from creasing under your eyes. Once you’ve done this pop the foundation on and it will seem like the pimple was never there or that you’ve slept for a good 10 hours even if you’ve only been sleeping for 1! A major tip though…do NOT apply any of the corrector after you’ve applied foundation because it will sit there on top of the foundation and won’t be correcting anything except adding another layer to your skin.

Have fun playing around with colours and use the colour wheel to help you out when you have any sort of blemish you need to cover. It is like a miracle worker. 


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  1. I didn't know they had different coloured concealers. How about the eye drops trick for pimples bubbbah?