Monday, June 27, 2011


Bridal magazines are one my little vices, I'm not getting married, or even engaged but because I work with so many brides I want to keep up to date with trends. Yes, I like looking at the pretty dresses, amazing venues and mouth watering food but most of all, I just love seeing people so happy. I think a wedding day really celebrates the couple's love and their honest and open commitment to one another. I mean, why else would us girls go to the trouble of organising that one day for 12 months, increase stress levels to the point of hair pulling and worry about what colour ribbon is going around our bouquets? I guess we might also do it because we get to play dress ups and wear the gown of our dreams. Whatever the reason, your wedding day is important. All brides want everything to be perfect. 

A wedding that I recently worked on seemed to be a dream day for the bride, Bec. She was calm, relaxed and so not a bridezilla. I got to work from a hairdressing salon which made my life so easy with an abundance of mirrors and electricity plugs at every turn. The sun was shining and all Bec wanted was to look like herself with a touch of glamor. It turns out she didn't need much help with the most amazing skin and fantastic dress, she really turned heads and apparently that of a bridal magazine too: Real Weddings. The issue will be out in November featuring her wedding. The pictures speak for themselves of why Bec & Robbie were more than deserving of being featured in a glossy mag. Thank you for having me be part of your special day...

On another note, I felt a little lost and was just feeling a little uncertain, but friends are amazing. They're the family you get to choose, the people you turn to when you need a hug, shoulder to cry on, make you laugh till your tummy hurts, tell you that the dress really does make your bum look big  or just someone to share a cupcake with.I stumbled over a picture while look for inspiration and it sums up perfectly how i felt about the weekend and all my questions and uncertainty seemed to melt away as the sun came beaming down on my face. Hope your weekend was filled with friends, laughs and a touch of hope...


  1. Fantastic job with the make-up Aimmey! You are so talented! Looks like it was a wonderful wedding:)


  2. Holy moly. What beautiful photos! The bride is gorgeous and her dress...omg...amazing!

  3. What stunning photos. I don't even believe in marriage and yet I love looking at crisp, whimsical photos such as these and somehow the happiness of their day sometimes spreads. A little like the infectious laughter of friends.

    Lots of love from Sydney,

    x Kel

    absorbing optimistic rays

  4. These photos are gorgeous! It must be amazing to help people to make their fairy tales come true :)
    Great blog darling!

    classy & fabulous


  5. You've got a great blog here, just started following on GFC! Look forward to more posts. Hope you can visit mine and follow too :)

    Fash Chronicles

  6. Hi Aimmey,

    I nominated your blog for the Liebster Award. Please check it here:

    Exicted to read your post!